Innovation works with clients and other consultants and representatives to ensure that the needs and desires of a given project are translated into working documents that deliver those desires into reality. The process provides shared information to partners to ensure thorough understanding for a fully co-ordinated design with specialist requirements considered and gaps in scope eliminated. Budgeting information is provided early during the design process to ensure compatibility with fiscal restraints, and monitored against changes that may occur during the design process.

Design services are typically delivered in stages, such as

  1. Concept Design                      Establishing the requirement and budgets
  2. Schematic Design                    Preliminary Design work and co-ordination
  3. Detail Design                           Detailed Design Work and Co-Ordination
  4. Tender Documentation            Generation of Documents for competitive tendering
  5. Tender Review                         Assessing technical Bids

The above are indicative, and where required, we adapt our delivery to suit the Architect or Lead consultant.